Wagering requirements

Before you start playing at an online casino, it is important to understand what betting requirements are and how they work.

Wagering requirements, also referred to as “playthrough”, are part of an online casino bonus offer and always mentioned in the terms of this type of offer, but if you do not know that it exists, you can simply miss it and this can be Cause big confusion when it comes to making payouts if you have not met the given requirements.

In principle, a betting or implementation obligation is a multiple of the value of the bonus and sometimes the bonus plus deposit. These requirements generally range between 20 and 30x of that amount, which means that in order for you to be able to withdraw all the winnings that you have made when using a bonus, you must wager 20 to 30 times first. For example, if the betting is 30 and the bonus is $ 200, you must bet deposits of your own to the value of 30 times $ 200 ($ 6000) from your own money before you can withdraw the $ 200.

Well, that brings bonuses in a whole new light, right?

While this is quite simply forward and makes sense to most people, confusion often arises because online casinos weight casino games differently and as such, apply different betting values ​​to different games. If you take a look at the tables that contain this information in the bonus terms and conditions you usually find that betting requirement counts more on simply betting on games like slots than for more complicated games like video poker. This in a way, forcing you to bet the online slots that have a larger house edge (like slots) than any other games.

In addition, some games such as roulette and blackjack are excluded from the use requirements as the bonuses are not when they can be used to play. When examining the wagering requirements for certain games, you will find that the value of the wager is often expressed as a percentage. For example, when playing on the machines, 100% of the bets that help you make the bet, but other games can only count 50% or 10% on them. This effectively means that you need to bet more on these types of games than on slots to meet the bets before the casino will allow you to pay off your bonus.

After this discussion bets requirements and bonuses for this matter may appear much less attractive. So why online casino have these on the spot? The answer is simple – to prevent players from logging in, using the bonus offer and then not playing again. The idea behind bonuses is to win new players and encourage them to play on a running basis while giving them a reward. Gambling requirements must be introduced to prevent people from abusing casinos’ generosity.

So go ahead and enjoy the bonuses for what they are, but always make sure you know what is required before you accept them.

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